For more than 150 years...
Continually adapting to the needs of hospitality

With roots that date back to the end of the Civil War, our company’s heritage is intertwined with the hospitality industry’s dramatic evolution. For these many years, we have adapted to changing times and responded to the growing needs and ambitions of our customers. The products, services, capabilities and family culture that distinguish our company today can be directly traced to the nation’s earliest hotels and their practice of greeting guests with a hotel registration book.

Our company has been shaped by a combination of good fortune, God’s blessings, superb timing, dedicated leaders and workers who care. Thousands of people inside and outside of American Hotel have worked hard over the years to make the company a special place. We are connected to our ancestors, not through their ancient printing presses, but through their values, commitment and willingness to adapt.

A long history of American Hotel Register Company