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American Hotel

A message from our President & CEO


First and foremost, hospitality is personal. And, personally, I share the deep anguish so many of you are feeling at this moment. While I know this is a global crisis our industry will overcome, the immediate impact on people – customers, partners, colleagues, and friends – is what matters most. And, right now, the impact is devastating.

At American Hotel, we have been adapting to change and challenges for more than 150 years. Despite this long and durable history, there is nothing that adequately prepares you for the difficult decisions we have had to make this past week. In fact, because we really are a family company, it’s even more difficult. It is very personal.

Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on our customers and, in turn, on our own operations, we were forced to implement a company furlough for the next few months, which affected a considerable portion of our associates. Though heartbreaking to enact, this temporary reduction in personnel is vital to maintaining our financial security through this uncertain period. It’s a step that better positions us to, ultimately, make a rapid and full recovery as the premier source in our industry.

When it comes to serving customers, we are still here and more committed than ever to meet your essential needs. Despite our leaner team, we are equipped to support your business today – from sales support to inventory and delivery. We continue to make operational adjustments and initiate strategic measures to remain a fully capable fulfillment partner to you through these difficult times.

While you can learn more about those important details, these are the three points we want every customer to know.

  • You can continue to place orders at americanhotel.com
  • Our distribution network continues to operate
  • Our Customer Care team is available weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm CST at 1-800-323-5686

We also fully recognize that, in the midst of this pandemic, hospitality has turned to healthcare. Hotels and other facilities are being prepped for use as patient recovery centers that will require the core products we supply to customers every day. Along with our valued customers and supplier partners, we are currently engaging government agencies, healthcare systems, and other public institutions to contribute to this critical emergency effort.

Yes, like most every distributor and manufacturer, we are challenged by limited inventory of high-demand items and by ongoing strains in the supply chain. However, we are assessing and addressing these obstacles every day – because hospitality is personal.

Led by Jim and Linda Leahy and the entire Leahy family, American Hotel remains committed to one goal: Being a partner you can count on, during this difficult time and for many years to come. Even though we’re being kept at a distance right now, our connections remain strong. I’m certain we’ll get through this crisis the same way we’ve done so for more than 150 years … together.

Please stay safely at home and be well. That’s what matters most.


Angela Korompilas
President & CEO